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By Shani McKenzie
Welcome to the Glow & Tell Generational Journal! This is your very own memory book! Think of it as a family tree and family biography all in one. These pages will help you, mom, and other important women in your life tell your God stories! Because EVERY believer has one.
So prepare to Glow Back, Glow Up, Glow In, Glow Out as you:
  • Write out family recipes

  • Find out Mom’s faves as a tween

  • Cut out fun encouragement cards

  • Create a family crest

This journal is an interactive tool that will help the generations of women in your family tell about God’s goodness. I know you have a story to tell…use these pages to start sharing it. Then, let the God stories you hear from the other generations in your family help build your faith.
Sometimes we need reminders of God’s goodness. I hope this journal helps you learn about and remember God’s greatness in your life. And just think how awesome it’s going to be to pass these God stories on to the next generation!
Format : Paperback
Dimensions : 9×7
Page Count : 87
ISBN : 978-1-7361015-7-5