Shine for Jesus Coloring Book


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by Dannah Gresh
Artwork by Julia Ryan

The first ever True Girl coloring book! Grab your colored pencils, crayons or markers because it’s time to Shine for Jesus! This coloring book is the perfect birthday gift, stocking stuffer, road trip activity or bedtime relaxation tool for your tween daughter! (And you!) With each colorful experience, your tween girl will meditate on Truth about God, herself, and the world! There are 30 illustrations and perforated pages for easy tear-out.

Your daughter can try these creative ideas for coloring in her Shine for Jesus Coloring Book:

  • She could color a page using different shades of the same color. (The galaxy image on page 23 would be AMAZING all in shades of blue or purple!)

  • She can color page 13 with the opposite hand from what she typically uses for writing. Why? Because “You don’t gotta be no picture perfect!”

  • While the Moon Cookies are baking from page 11, you and your daughter can color that page TOGETHER!

  • Page 21 is all about how we see things. Your daughter can color that page upside down and then flip it around when she’s done to see how it looks!

  • Turn off the lights and use a flashlight as she colors the path on page 25 and thinks about God’s Word being a light for her path!

  • When your daughter is done coloring, she can pull the page out and post it somewhere to keep thinking about God’s Truth!

Format : Paperback
Dimensions : 9×7
Page Count : 63
ISBN :978-1-7361015-6-8