Six Ways to Keep the “Good” in your Boy


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by Bob Gresh & Dannah Gresh

This helpful resource equips you to instill integrity and honor in your son. Help him navigate the challenging tween years and beyond as you put him on the path to becoming a healthy and responsible adult.

With some intentional parenting, your son can avoid the many pitfalls that prevent boys from growing into good men. Bob and Dannah Gresh share six proactive ways you can make a lasting impact in your son’s life.

Get Him Outside to Play
Encourage activities that spark his imagination and creativity and fulfill his God-given need for adventure.

Give Him a Book So He Can Discover a Real “Call of Duty”
Help him use his free time wisely and develop good discernment about what he reads, plays, and watches.

Host Wing Nights and Fantasy Football Parties
Let his dad be dad by giving him the freedom he needs to train and discipline his son well.

Celebrate His Entrance into Manhood
Prepare your son for changes to his body, his mood, and his attitude about the opposite sex.

Unplug Him from a Plugged-In World
Educate him early and often on the dangers of sexual sin and show him how to monitor his own media consumption.

Let Him Open the Car Door for You
Teach him how to be a gentleman and how to treat girls and women with kindness and respect.

Good boys can grow up to be great men with a little guidance and a lot of prayer.


“With two young sons of our own, Jean and I can certainly attest to the challenges raising boys can bring! Dannah and Bob offer parents a fascinating look into the development of tween and teen boys, as well as a wealth of practical, hands-on musts for successfully connecting with them. Learn the ‘how-to’s’ for building and strengthening parent/son relationships and guiding young men toward a purposeful, God-honoring adulthood.”

Jim Daly,
President, Focus on the Family

“Almost every single day I ask the Lord to make me a better mom to my four children. Books like this one feel like an answer to prayer. Dannah Gresh has done a fabulous job addressing many of the issues that concern our boys. I recommend highly her insights, Biblical instruction and practical mom application. These pages are marching orders! It’s time to fight for the good in our boys.”

Angela Thomas
Bestselling Author and Speaker

Release Date: July 2022
Page Count: 224
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-7369-8197-2