Born to Be Brave Box (Volume 1)


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Experience Born To Be Brave’s unique approach to father-son connection!

“That’s one small box for man; one giant gift for a man and his son.”— Neil Armstrong…would probably have said something like this.

One of the keys to raising boys to become godly men is quality time spent with dad! In the Brave Box, you’ll discover a load of treasure that dads and sons can use to grow closer together and closer to Jesus! We know dads will love this box as much as their boys. Why? Because we’ve packed it with games, gadgets, great adventure, and God’s Word; all chosen to create an exciting, fun, and deep connection between them and their sons.

Here’s what you’ll find when you lift the lid.

Born to Be Brave Periscope Perspective — a father-son adventure activity to bring dads and sons closer and help them connect more deeply

Born to Be Brave Scripture Power Pack— 26 powerful memory verses— the key to arming dads and sons against lies the enemy and the world would have them believe

2- Born to Be Brave Quiet Time Journals (one for dad and one for son) — A great place to capture and share thoughts during time spent in the Word!

Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza — the hilarious, fun, family card game

Custom Born to Be Brave Socks— featuring the Wheel of Destruction!!!

Other Born to Be Brave swag and cool, fun gifts

Grab this one-of-a-kind gift designed for guys, by guys!

Recommended ages 7-12

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