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Raise your hand if you’ve ever looked at your daughter like she has three heads because of how she handles relationships. 🤚

It happens. But have you ever watched some of her friendship interactions and thought, “Shoot. She definitely learned that from watching me?” Besties, frenemies and foes (BFF’s) are a real thing for girls AND their moms.

Tween girls may not always look like it, but they are still copying their moms in many areas of life, including friendship. Just like the old “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” saying says. That’s why this workshop has a part for mom+daughter and a part that’s just for mom. So you can find freedom and your daughter can follow in your footsteps.

Dannah Gresh and Janet Mylin are teaming up with Kelly Needham to help moms and their daughters have strong, healthy friendships! (Kelly Needham literally wrote the book on friendship!)

Watch this on-demand workshop as our thank you gift for your donation of any amount. (Suggested Donation: $20). Donate $30 or more and receive a free copy of A Girl’s Guide to Best Friends and Mean Girls!