2024 Pure Freedom Family of Ministries Report

A Letter from
Bob & Dannah Gresh

This year, we will celebrate 25 years of investing our lives into sharing the gospel and disciplining tweens and teens through the ministries of Pure Freedom, which include True Girl and Born to Be Brave. We could not do it without your prayerful partnership.

You are not supporting a single ministry that is unknown or untested, but a family of ministries that is successful, respected, and growing. We think you’ll see that in this digital report.

Our work is more important than ever. While teens have long been on the frontline of the spiritual battle, this is the first time in history that tweens have been at the forefront of the cultural crossfire. They are guinea pigs in a doomed gender experiment where the weapons are puberty blockers and pronouns. Many experts predict unprecedented mental health fallout for them in the future. This, more than anything else, breaks our hearts and keeps us awake at night.

We remain at the frontline—uniquely poised to help parents disciple and declare Truth to their children. And we see tweens (and teens) who are thriving. The roots of their faith are being nurtured into deep bastions of strength. 

Thank you for your prayers and financial support!

Bob & Dannah Gresh

Pure Freedom, Founders

Bob & Dannah Gresh

Pure Freedom, Founders

Planting Truth Since 1999

Our mission to bring families closer to each other and closer to Jesus began through the publishing and speaking outreach of Dannah Gresh.

We’re on a trajectory to help 5 million parents+kids grow closer to each other as they grow closer to Christ by 2028

Meet Victoria Mannah

(and her mom Veronica)

Our teams impact families in 145 countries. Click here to listen to how one True Girl from Australia is fired up for the Lord and being bold to share the Truth of God’s Word!

We exist to connect parents to their kids so they can plant and nurture deep roots of Truth.


Rooted and built up in Christ and established in the faith!

Colossians 2:7

Our mission includes planting a love of God’s Word early, engaging in intimate discipleship that keeps mom and dad in the driver’s seat, answering the hardest questions our culture poses, and inviting the next generation to experience a love relationship with God that is real and personal.

For a quarter of a century, we’ve sought to root the next generation in God’s Truth and build them up in Christ so they are established in the faith. 

Growth at a Glance

books read in
33 languages
1000000 +
discipled at
live events
400000 +
first time
decisions to
follow Christ
10000 +

Numbers matter.
They’re evidence that we are being faithful with your generosity and that God is blessing our work.

But we’ve always been drawn to the parable of the one lost sheep in Luke 15. The man leaves the flock of 99 and seeks a single lost sheep until he finds it. He lovingly carries that sheep on his shoulders, calls his friends, and rejoices.

We pray that we never lose our desire to focus on one person’s life. So we routinely pause to celebrate the individual freedom stories God writes through the ministries of Pure Freedom.

For a quarter of a century, we’ve sought to root the next generation in God’s Truth and build them up in Christ so they are established in the faith. 

Jessica’s Story

How We Do It

There’s a secret ingredient in our recipe to plant Truth in the next generation: parent+child connection. Everything we do creates opportunities for mom+daughter or father+son to grow closer to each other as they grow closer to Jesus! 

Workshops for Parents

5,647 parents have used our new workshops to biblically tackle topics like pornography, gender confusion, and bullying.

Online Bible Studies

16,430 tween and teen girls have dug into God’s Word with moms help since 2020. And we’re now adding studies for sons+fathers.

Discipleship Boxes

We’ve delivered discipleship tools and plans for 31,656 mom+daughter & father+son Bible-based “dates” to discuss critical topics.

Mom+Daughter Podcast

Our partnership with Revive Our Hearts enables us to reach 130 countries with the True Girl podcast. We’ve produced 11 seasons in our first 3 years.

Live Events

Teams in North and South America have presented 832 events to moms+daughters in two languages. In 2017, we added an event for guys and have done 58 of them!

We’re Growing in Latin America

Income & Expenses

The ministries of Pure Freedom are made possible through the generosity of those who give. From the 10-year-old girl who walks dogs and sends us her change to the couple impacted by our ministry in the Dominican Republic to individuals and families around the globe, God is using gifts to make our mission of planting Truth in the next generation possible. That’s why every dollar given is carefully stewarded and prayerfully invested.

2024 INCOME: $3,200,000



2024 EXPENSES: $3,200,000




2024 Highlights

Here’s what’s planned for this year:
live events
reaching 35,000
10 +
new podcast
episodes discipling 450,000
10 +
Bible studies
guiding 10,000 students for six weeks
0 +
new readers
(and one new book)
100000 +
new subscription
program for boys
0 +
new daily discipleship
app for teen girls*
0 +
*Our dream of a new daily discipleship app for teen girls is dependent on funding.

I want to support Pure Freedom!

We invite you to join us in the mission to plant so much Truth in the next generation that there’s no room for the world’s lies.