Miriam: Becoming a Girl of Courage



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Miriam wasn’t perfect . . . but with God’s power, her courage changed the world.

Miriam was given one of the world’s hardest babysitting jobs: to hide her infant brother in the Nile River while danger lurked. Her quick thinking protected little Moses and helped him rise to greatness in Egypt. Then Miriam played a supporting role while Moses led God’s people out of slavery to freedom. That all seemed to go pretty well . . . until it made her jealous. (Can you say sibling rivalry?) Miriam’s life reminds us that a True Girl practices courageous leadership right now because a leader is what she’s becoming. And though the best leaders are often imperfect, God offers us a second chance to get things right.

True Girl Bible Studies feature important women from the Bible so that from their examples, we can learn what it looks like to be a True Girl. Each study is designed to help moms lead their daughters deeply into the Word of God so they can develop a steady love for Scripture. Together, moms and daughters can discover what it means to be a True Girl after God’s own heart.

Fill her so full of God’s Truth about COURAGE that there’s no room for all of the lies about what it means to be a courageous girl!

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