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Lies are powerful. God’s Truth is stronger.

By donating to Born to Be Brave and True Girl, you can help us make an impact one dad+son at a time and one mom+daughter at a time. Would you help us bring parents & kids closer to each other as they grow closer to Jesus?

For a donation of any amount, you’ll receive a FREE copy of Lies Boys Believe and the Epic Quest for Truth, a new book by Jason and Erin Davis—parents to four boys—who use witty storytelling and playful graphics to present solid biblical truth to combat the most common lies boys believe. With easy-to-read chapters, this book focuses on ten core lies:

  • Loving God Is for Girls
  • God is Mad at Me
  • It’s Not My Fault
  • No One Needs to Know About My Sin
  • I Can’t Control My Temper
  • It Doesn’t Matter What I Watch
  • Reading the Bible Isn’t for Me . . . and more.


Through the Davis’ fictional and humorous stories, your son will begin to trade the lies he’s believed for the truth God intends. He will learn to swim upstream against the tides of deception and be equipped to recognize future lies as he develops a passion for knowing and living God’s Word.

Join him in the battle by using the accompanying tool: A Parent’s Guide to Lies Boys Believe. This companion resource invites you to critically examine the lies boys believe, discover how to strengthen and encourage your son, and employ creative and practical tools for ongoing discussion.

Donate $50 or more, and receive both Lies Boys Believe and the Epic Quest for Truth AND A Parent’s Guide to Lies Boys Believe. Products and Discount will be added to your cart automatically at checkout.

(Note: All are welcome to support our mission, but the FREE book offer is only valid in the United States).