Clothed in Dignity

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by Dannah Gresh

The American Psychological Association’s 2-year task force on the sexualization of girls revealed a clear link between fashion and beauty products (and the marketing associated with them) to an increase in body image issues, eating disorders, and depression.

Almost ten years ago, mascara and eyeliner sales for 8-12-year-olds doubled. (Why was there anything to double!?) Pressuring a girl to grow up too fast, appear older, and accentuate her sexuality puts her on a conveyor belt to harmful habits and beliefs, including eating disorders and self-loathing.

This magazine-style mini-booklet, Clothed with Dignity will provide you with a theology of clothing. It will help you have practical, biblically-driven conversations about the way your daughter dresses and expresses her beauty. Our thank you gift for your donation of any amount. (Suggested Donation: $20)