Born to Be Brave Box (Volume 2)


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…and you’ll discover a new load of treasure dads and sons can use to grow closer together and closer to Jesus! This second box will focus on lies, labels, and duct tape. Helping you and your son believe the things that God says about you!

We know dads will love this box as much as their boys. Why? Because we’ve packed it with games, gadgets, great adventures, and God’s Word; all chosen to create quirky fun and deep connection.

The Ultimate Duct Tape Activity Kit
Once you’ve replaced any lies and labels your son believes, break out this special Born to Be Brave duct tape kit to create a memorable frame (or a wallet or a zip pouch!) with his new label from God’s Word. This kit also includes all the supplies you need for 3 additional duct tape DIYs.

Two Truths and a Tall Tale
Get your whole family involved with this fun true or false trivia challenge book! See if you have what it takes to spot the lies.

Born to Be Brave Scripture Power Pack
10 powerful memory verses— the key to arming dads and sons against lies the enemy and the world would have them believe.

Born to Be Brave Daily Devos
60 days worth of devotions from the Bob Gresh and the Born to Be Brave team that will get you and your son digging into God’s Word together!

Lubor’s Lens Kit
This fun illusion/magic trick gives you and your son a hands-on example to see just how easy it is to distort the Truth and to entertain your friends!

Takis (or similar item)
Can you handle the heat? These spicy hot snacks really don’t have much to do with the rest of the box, but your son is a growing boy, ok?? He’ll love ‘em.

Recommended ages 7-12


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