And the Bride Wore White: Companion Guide


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by Dannah Gresh 

Abstinence isn’t about not having sex—it’s about waiting to have it right.

The pressure to conform to the sexual norms of our culture and to forgo God’s plan for purity—His best for you—can be overwhelming. Whether you’re committed to abstinence, just hanging in there, or you’ve already gone too far, you’re not alone.

This journal, a companion guide to be used as you read the bestselling And the Bride Wore White, provides fun and thought-provoking activities that will help you learn how to:

  • Embrace God’s grace to live a life of purity
  • Commit to keep God first and stay off the boy-crazy train
  • Determine to save sex for marriage
  • Begin the process of healing if sexual sin has broken your heart

So what do you really think about sex? And, more importantly, what does God think? Use this companion guide in your own study, with a small group, or even in a lively overnight retreat.


One of the biggest concerns our readers face is how to talk to their daughters about sex and sexuality.  I send them to Dannah’s book without hesitation.  She’s the wise big sister so many of these girls long to hear from.  Her warmth, compassion, and vulnerability make her words matter for young women trying to live pure lives in an impure world.
-Carla Barnhill
Editor, Christian Parenting Today

Human sexuality is at the center of most of the bitter cultural struggles being waged in our day.  Far too many young women don’t know right from wrong when it comes to their bodies and their minds because they have bought into the low moral standards promoted on television and in contemporary movies and music.  In a friendly, personal manner, Dannah Gresh helps her readers understand that sexuality is a beautiful gift from God and that He intends it to be reserved for marriage.  I highly recommend And the Bride Wore White to any young woman who wants God’s best for her life.
-Richard Land
President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
Host, For Faith & Family Radio

Dannah has a fresh way of sharing important truths we need to hear.  In an age of moral decline even among our church youth, this message is needed now more than ever.  Give Dannah your ear.  You won’t be disappointed.
-Anita Lustrea
Host/Producer, Midday Connection

As a mother of two teenage daughters, I cannot think of any book more beautifully inspiring than And the Bride Wore White.  My daughters loved Dannah’s insights, her humor, and her call for a life without regrets.  I am deeply grateful for the realistic role model she is for my daughters…She has changed their lives, and in doing so she has changed mine.
– Tammy Maltby
Author and Co-host of Emmy-nominated Aspiring Women

ISBN: 978-0-8024-1289-8
Publish Date: January 2015
Dimensions: 6 x 9
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