A True Girl’s Guide to the New Year (Downloadable)


Product Details

A $15 value, this digital booklet was created by Janet Mylin and teen consultant, Audra McDonald

A True Girl’s Guide to the New Year is a 10-page downloadable and printable booklet. It’s broken down into these sections:

  • Reflecting on 2023
  • TIME 
  • FUN

On each page, your tween will answer some questions that help get her brain thinking about that topic. At the bottom of each page, she’ll write one GRACE GOAL about that topic. Ex. for TIME, she might write “Spend 30 minutes every week practicing piano.” She’ll transfer all of her GRACE GOALS to the last page of the Guide, which is a coloring page she can put on her wall as a reminder of what she’s hoping to accomplish in 2024.

And, of course, it’s a double bonus if you and your daughter do this together! 

A True Girl’s Guide to the New Year will arrive in an email after purchase.

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