1 Awesome Night for Dads+Sons!

It’s Great to be a Guy!

April 15 • 6:30pm ET

1 Awesome Night for Dads+Sons!

It’s Great to be a Guy!

April 15 • 6:30pm ET

A livestream event for dads and their 7-12 year old sons

A livestream event for dads and their 7-12 year old sons

Do you remember what it was like when you were a tween boy?

Checking your armpits for hair every morning

Looking up at all the tall girls wondering if you were ever going to grow

Flexing in the mirror to try and stir up a muscle

Wondering why your buddy already looked like a highschooler when you still looked like a “little kid”

Did those things leave you feeling kind of weird and sometimes pretty lonely?

Tween boys need to know they are on a journey towards becoming a man, and that the journey was created by God!


“will it be awkward?”

Talking to your kid about growing up, manhood, and spiritual stuff can feel awkward for a lot of dads – especially if your dad didn’t talk to you about that kind of stuff. But, just like we say for our Born To Be Brave events, we’ll help you connect with your son without feeling awkward.


“So will you talk about THAT?”

No matter what your “THAT” is, know that this event is designed to put YOU in the driver’s seat when it comes to conversations with your son about sensitive and important topics.

It’s Great To Be a Guy! is a LIVE online event for dads+sons happening on April 15 at 6:30 pm ET.

This 1 night is a launchpad towards biblical conversations you really need to have with your 7-12-year-old son.


“Am I gonna be bored?” (yawn)

At Born To Be Brave we are pretty determined to create spaces for dads and sons to have a great time together. You’ll laugh and engage with the livestreams just as much as your son will.

What to expect

It’s Great to Be A Guy! is a 1 night virtual livestream study for boys aged 7-12 and their dads. You could even do this with a whole group of dads and dudes!

This study includes:

Engaging Bible-based teaching with Bob Gresh and Wade Harris

Opportunities for you to connect with your son

Lots of laughter

Q&A time

And more!

What We’ll talk about

The “P” Word

The journey of Puberty is normal and good. (Don’t worry. We won’t go into the gory details. That’s up to you, dad!)

Guys, Gandolf & GoD

Who helps you become a man?

The ultimate man

Jesus was full of emotion AND full of strength. The perfect example for all men and boys!
I bought this book for my 11 year old son…He wanted to know why his voice was cracking and why he was growing hair in certain places… He came out after reading a few chapters and said, “Oh, NOW I know why this is happening! I feel better, Mom.” The book is easy to understand and makes boys feel like it’s ok to have body changes.
– Amazon review of It’s Great To Be a Guy!

Your fearless leaders are

Bob Gresh

Bob is the co-founder of True Girl (formerly Secret Keeper Girl) and Born to Be Brave, which provide live events for tweens and their parents in up to 100 cities per year, reaching over 400,000. A long-time marketing consultant, his passion is using his business experience to teach tweens and teens to live in confidence and Truth. His faith-based entrepreneurial ventures include Grace Prep High School, a new model of Christian education in Central Pennsylvania as well as the nationwide Christian touring ministries. He is the author of Who Moved The Goalpost: Seven Secrets to Sexual Integrity. He lives on a hobby farm in State College, Pennsylvania with his wife, Dannah, and over 20 animals.

Wade Harris

Wade is a redeemed by God’s grace husband and father of four, including one daughter-in-law. He has been married to his wife Amy for 24 years (she’s way out of his league). Wade received his M.Div from Southern Seminary and currently works with Born to Be Brave and Pure Freedom. He is continually learning what it means to live in the love of the Father while passionately helping other men live in confidence knowing God designed them to raise their sons and daughters in Truth. He believes that when men live in God’s calling they will naturally make the world around them better.